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MedicAlert Foundation - Donate and Save Lives

Every moment matters.

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Help us train 20,000 first responders this year

Did you know that approximately 650,000 emergency calls are received in the United States each day?

During emergencies, every moment matters. To treat you quickly and effectively, first responders need information. That’s where MedicAlert comes in.

Help us train more first responders. Your donation today makes a difference in support of millions of Americans who experience emergencies every day.

The Importance of First Responder Training

  1. Ensures your MedicAlert ID is recognized and used by first responders in an emergency.
  2. Generates calls to our 24/7 Emergency Response team to share your critical information in seconds.
  3. Creates awareness about our emergency notification services to family, physicians and treatment facilities.

The MedicAlert ID and information from their 24-hour Emergency Response team really put me at ease. I was able to quickly get valuable information, which helped me treat my patient better. It felt good to have this confidence in someone else’s moment of need.

Nathan, Paramedic

Thanks to MedicAlert, my care team had information about my health history and medications. MedicAlert also notified my family to ensure I wasn’t alone in the moments following my heart attack. And the greatest gift of all, was surviving and becoming Grandpa.

Robert, MedicAlert Member

I’m so thankful to MedicAlert for sponsoring my child. I’m also so happy that Natalia gets to benefit from the organization’s life-saving work. When Natalia is having one of her seizures and I’m panicked, I know that MedicAlert is going to provide her medical information in an instant. That peace of mind is priceless.

Theresa, Mother of Natalia, age 3
(Legally blind, Diabetes Insipidus)
Sponsored MedicAlert Member

About MedicAlert

Serving millions of Americans for over 60 years, MedicAlert Foundation is a nonprofit membership organization committed to saving lives by sharing information. We provide critical information to first responders and caregivers in times of emergency, giving our members peace of mind 24/7, 365 days a year.