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Educating Others

Share the care.

Everyone deserves assurance that they will be properly treated in the case of a medical emergency. Therefore, we encourage our members to share with others the protection and peace of mind that comes with a MedicAlert ID.

Your personal experience with MedicAlert could be the testimony that helps give a worried mom peace of mind for her child, or the personal interaction needed for a Physician to begin truly advocating for his/her patients to utilize our medical IDs.

Want to help, but not sure how? Here are a few suggested ways in which you can help educate others:

  • Talk to your family and friends about the importance of MedicAlert in your life.
  • Bring your MedicAlert health record and medical ID to your doctor appointments to review and update as needed.
  • Show your MedicAlert ID to your pharmacy staff and ensure they understand MedicAlert’s value, especially as it relates to communicating your medications and dosages.
  • Engage with your local law enforcement agency as there are free partnership programs available with MedicAlert to protect vulnerable members of your community.