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Member Stories

MedicAlert Helps Boy with Autism Who Wanders From Family at Amusement Park

“Thanks to MedicAlert, my family knew my grandmother’s wishes for her end-of-life treatment.”

“Thanks to MedicAlert my husband and I are able to celebrate our 45th anniversary this year.”

MedicAlert Bracelet Protects College Student While Having a Seizure

MedicAlert® + Alzheimer's Association Safe Return® Reunites Father and Daughter at Airport

MedicAlert Helps This Mom Live Her Life to the Fullest

Alexis Shapiro Can Live the Life of a Normal 12-Year Old with 24/7 Protection of Her Kid Smart® MedicAlert Medical ID

Child Is Safely Brought Home After Wandering With the Help of His MedicAlert ID

MedicAlert Personalized ID Ensured Proper Treatment of Woman Experiencing a Seizure While in Shopping Mall Parking Lot

6-Year Old Kid With Skin Allergies Flaunts His Super Powers With New Medical ID Bracelet

kids skin allergy medical ID


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