Development of autism increasing among U.S. children

The rate of autism disorder continues to rise among American children, with one in 88 now receiving such a diagnosis, according to a 2012 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This is a rate increase of 23% from the CDC's 2009 report, where only one in 110 children were expected to develop the condition.

About half of this increase can be attributed to better tools and methods for autism diagnosis, however other factors remain unclear to researchers. As new information is gathered, parents and caregivers can take advantage of the developments in autism research to help protect their children and loved ones both before and after they are diagnosed.

Online resources can help identify the symptoms and potential causes of autism, and steps can be taken to organize your child's health information and protect them with simple tools,  such as medical ID bracelets, established emergency response networks, and a treatment and development plan.

Caring for someone with autism is a full time job, but there are resources to help you. Take advantage of these tools, and you will find a solution tailored for your loved one, unique to their particular taste and needs.

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