Symptoms and Causes of Autism in Adults

Autism spectrum disorder (also called autism) is a neurological and developmental disorder that usually appears during the first three years of life. A person with autism appears to live in his or her own world, showing little interest in others, and a lack of social awareness. The focus of an autistic person is a consistent routine and includes an interest in repeating odd and peculiar behaviors. Autistic adults often have problems in communication, avoid eye contact, and show limited attachment to others. It is important autistic adults wear medical identification in case they wander or are separated from their caregivers.

Autism Symptoms

Autism can stunt the formation of relationships, in part, because of an inability to interpret facial expressions or emotions. People with autism may resist physical interaction, partake in solitary activites, be resistant to change, and have impaired speech. Adults with autism tend to exhibit repeated body movements, such as flapping hands or rocking, and have unusual attachments to objects. However, many adults with autism excel consistently on certain mental tasks, such as counting, measuring, art, music, or memory.

Everyone may experience autism symptoms differently, and the symptoms of autism may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Always consult a doctor for a diagnosis.

Autism Causes

Scientists do not know the cause of autism, but research suggests it is a genetic condition and It is believed several genes are involved in the development of autism. Research studies have found a variety of abnormalities in the brain structure and chemicals in the brain, but the findings have not been consistent. One theory is the possibility that autistic disorder is a behavioral syndrome that includes several distinct conditions.

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