Understanding the effects of Autism on Adults

Though autism symptoms typically emerge before age 3, most children with autism are diagnosed when they're 5 or older, and can even be first diagnosed as an adult.

Young adults with an autism spectrum disorder are less likely to continue their education or get a job after high school when compared to young adults with other disabilities, indicates research in Pediatrics journal. According to the study, only about 35 percent of young adults with autism attended college and only 55 percent had a job during the first six years after high school. Overall, they faced a greater than 50 percent chance of being unemployed or not attending college when compared to those with other disabilities, the researchers reported.

Part of the reason that young adults struggle after high school is that a core feature of the disorder is difficulty knowing how to interpret social interactions and handle a wide variety of social situations, something that is a necessity in many jobs. Researchers note that more educational and job-related support could help people with autism -- including the wave of children recently diagnosed -- who will be aging over the next decade as they find their place in society.

More than half of autistic young adults had no participation in either work or education during the two years after leaving high school, and even six years later more than one-third were without work or higher education, the study found.

Caring for someone with autism is a full time job, but there are resources to help you identify the symptoms and cause of adult autism. Steps can be taken to organize your loved one's health information and protect them with simple tools, such as medical ID bracelets, established emergency response networks, and a create treatment and care plan.Taking advantage of these tools will help you find a unique solution tailored for you and your loved one.

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