Mary Dean

Immediate Past Chair, MedicAlert Foundation®, Senior VP, Chief Strategy Officer (Retired)

Mary Dean is a nationally respected advocate for children, having dedicated her career to improving the lives of young people through work in the healthcare, education, and legal sectors. She is a visionary leader, focused on achieving results. Mary spent a combined 20 years in leadership roles with the Children’s Hospital & Research Center at Oakland, CA, and the Children’s Hospital Central California at Fresno, CA, serving each as senior vice president and directing myriad efforts, including marketing, communications, government relations and public affairs, and strategic planning. She taught elementary school students in Ohio, Kentucky, and Connecticut. Mary was appointed associate commissioner of education in the Kentucky Department of Education when that state launched its nationally acclaimed school reform programs in the 1990s. She previously had served as dean of administration and development at the San Joaquin College of Law in Fresno and as a key administrator to the Fresno County prosecutor. She is a former member of Leadership California and has served various roles with many national associations. Mary earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Kentucky in Lexington, KY.