Joining the MedicAlert® International Emergency Medical Identification and Information Network offers significant benefits for medical ID providers

What is the “Network”?

MedicAlert’s “Network” consists of elite emergency medical identification providers and was established to ensure the health and safety of all medical ID wearers. Membership into the “Network” expands consumer protections by elevating standards and expanding 24-hour emergency support to wearers of all participating medical ID providers.

Why was the "Network" created?

The marketplace for health and medical IDs is changing rapidly, resulting in many medical ID companies and no standards to adhere to. This has led to potentially dangerous consequences as many consumers do not know if their ID will help them in the event of an emergency. There are nearly 7,000 rare diseases listed by the National Institute of Health, with many diseases that are foreign to first responders. As a nonprofit committed to the health and safety of medical ID wearers for over 50 years, MedicAlert has continuously engaged in the education and training of thousands first responders each year on the recognition of medical IDs, their usage, and the 24/7 support provided by MedicAlert. By joining the new “Network”, medical ID providers are taking steps to ensure the creation of medical IDs that are properly recognizable by first responders during emergencies as well as providing the opportunity for consumers with more extensive underlying medical conditions to utilize MedicAlert’s 24/7 emergency response services.

What are the conditions to joining the "Network" and how does an organization join?

Joining the "Network" requires meeting MedicAlert Foundation's Code of Conduct, which serves as the guiding principle to the “Network”, in order to ensure established standards and procedures are met for properly communicating consumers’ medical information.

What are the benefits of joining the "Network"?

Membership into the “Network” offers medical ID providers guidance and direction to help develop effective medical IDs that properly communicate information to first responders to ensure consumer safety and proper usage. The “Network” also provides medical ID providers the ability to sell their approved medical IDs through MedicAlert. In addition, medical ID providers have the opportunity to offer MedicAlert’s 24/7 Emergency Response services as an additional feature of their overall medical ID platform, giving medical ID providers with the flexibility to offer expanded services for their customers.