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MedicAlert Wears Blue In Support of Men’s Health Month

It’s no coincidence that Men’s Health Month is celebrated during the same month as Father’s Day each year.  While Father’s Day is celebrated to recognize the selfless contributions that fathers and father figures make in the lives of their children, Men’s Health Month in intended to help ensure those men can stay healthy and in their families’ lives for years to come.

Men’s Health Month is an opportunity for both men and women to have increased awareness of the potentially significant health problems that men face, and encourage prevention, early detection, and treatment of the disease among men and boys.

Men’s Health: More Than Just a Man’s Issue- It’s a Family Issue

Typically, men do not readily address their health needs and concerns until there is a serious medical condition diagnosed or if it affects their ability to work and help provide for their family.  

Men’s health problems are not just a man’s issue. When husbands and fathers are diagnosed with certain health issues, the entire family is impacted.

Whether dad is young in mind and body or he’s pushing 90, one thing is for certain- he’s not getting any younger. He may soon deal with health issues he’s never faced before.

As the men in your life get older, help them look after their health the way they have looked after your well-being for all of these years.

Ensure he keeps his regular doctor’s visits- regular physicals become increasingly important for middle-aged men. Additional screenings become necessary in order to rule out diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Help avoid them to avoid medication mishaps- ensuring medications are taken as directed is important, especially if living with a disease that impacts his memory. Chronic conditions that require medications such as diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, and high cholesterol need to be managed carefully. 

Keep him moving- carrying less weight around the mid-section puts less pressure on his heart, therefore reducing the chances of developing high cholesterol and hypertension. Staying active is the single most powerful way to keep our fathers, brothers, and husbands around to enjoy all the things they’ve worked hard for.

Encourage a heart-healthy diet- heart disease is the leading killer among men and women. By taking control of the grocery shopping and fixing healthier meals and snacks for the men in your life, you can help them reduce their chances for developing heart disease. 

MedicAlert Team Member