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“Thank You MedicAlert For Helping Keep My Dad Safe.”

This past February my dad wandered from home for the first time late in the evening. He was diagnosed with middle-stage Alzheimer's disease 4 years ago and has slowly gotten worse over the past year but he has yet to have wandered prior to this incident. My mom had fallen asleep on the couch so she had no idea he had left. When she awoke around midnight and went to bed, she realized he was gone. After checking the entire house for him and then noticing his slippers next to the bed, she feared he was barefoot out in the almost-freezing weather. 

She first called 911, then called me. I will never forget how frantic she was. While she was on the phone with me, another line was beeping in. When she answered it was someone from MedicAlert, who first informed her that dad was okay. They let her know that a good Samaritan saw him walking in the middle of the road as they were coming home from work. Thankfully, they realized something wasn't right and pulled over to help my dad. He couldn'r remember where he lived or how far he'd walked. When the man saw my dad's bracelet, he called the police department.

When the officer arrived, she called MedicAlert and let them know he was okay but due to the extremely cold temperatures the officer had paramedics come out to look him over. She stayed with him until my mom was able to pick him up and bring him home.

I am so very thankful to the man who stopped to help my dad, the officer and of course MedicAlert for ensuring my dad remained safe. If not for his bracelet, I can’t imagine what could have happened if he had continued wandering in the freezing weather. 

Thank you, thank you MedicAlert. 

MedicAlert Team Member