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Celebrate Dad This Father’s Day

As children and young adults, our father figures guide us in more ways than we realize: some we understand clearly at the time, others we may not appreciate until much later in life.

So, just what do loving dads do for their kids along the way?

1.Loves unconditionally- ensures his children always know they are loved no matter what, even when he may not agree with their choices.

2.Instills values and discipline – ensures his children understand the importance of accountability and teaches them to learn from their mistakes.

3.Teaches responsibility- Leads by example by demonstrating strong work ethic and gives them suitable, age-related responsibilities to uphold.

4.Values education- reads to them stories at an early age, helps with schoolwork through the years and reminds them that knowledge is power.

5.Raises them to leave- teaches his children to be productive members of society and gives them the tools to be well equipped when leave home in order to live a life independently.

Create The Perfect Father’s Day for Dad or the Man in Your Life

This Father’s Day, show dad your eternal appreciation for his unconditional love. For every kind of dad there’s a perfect Father’s Day endeavor for you to enjoy together.

Here are some ideas to help you show your appreciation for all he’s done and continues to do.

  • Take him fishing- Casting a line with grown kids, young kids, or grandkids is always a relaxing and inexpensive way to enjoy his special day.
  • Take him to the ballpark- Take the dad in your life to see his favorite team play. If too far to travel, you can always take advantage of seeing your local minor league team or take in a softball game.
  • Take him camping- If he enjoys the great outdoors, get out the camping equipment and fishing poles out and enjoy a weekend away.
  • Treat him to a round of golf- Enjoy time on the course or at the driving range for a relaxing afternoon with dad. If younger kids are spending the day with dad and grandpa, miniature golf is always a fun idea.
  • Take the boat out- The hot weather creates a perfect opportunity to spend some time on the lake. Pack some snacks and cool off while engaging in your favorite water sports with dad.
  • Enjoy a family cookout- you can take dad to dinner anytime. Instead, fire up the grill and enjoy visiting in the comfort of your own backyard while cooking some of his favorites.
  • Make his favorite dessert- Make your cookout complete by satisfying dad’s sweet tooth. Make his favorite sweet treat to end a great day spent together.

This Father’s Day, we thank all fathers, step-fathers, and other father figures for their continued selfless contributions to their families.


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