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MedicAlert Foundation provides memberships designed to protect you and your loved ones during a medical emergency.

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You can trust your medical alert bracelet or medical ID to connect health professionals with your emergency information.

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More than a medical ID – MedicAlert® Is Your Emergency Support Network

For decades MedicAlert's medical bracelets, medical IDs, and other medical jewelry have been used to alert responders of the underlying medical conditions a patient may have - such as allergies, anaphylaxes, diabetes, and autism. First responders are trained by MedicAlert staff to recognize all forms of medical IDs, and our services ensure they get your up-to-date medical information, the moment they need it, to make informed decisions about your treatment and care. MedicAlert services and medical IDs are also used to communicate advance directives and can even help those with Alzheimer's or dementia make it home safely during wandering emergencies.

With MedicAlert Foundation, you can be confident knowing that your medical ID connects you to the most dependable emergency support network -- because every moment matters.

Always There For You™

Not only do MedicAlert Members have access to our medical ID products, they also have access to an entire emergency support network, including:

  • Emergency Medical Information Record (EMIR®) - A personal health record stored in our secure electronic database, and accessible to first responders in emergencies
  • 24/7 Emergency Response - Available by night and day so your attending physician or EMT can call a MedicAlert agent to obtain your treatment protocol or emergency response plan
  • 24/7 Family Notification - MedicAlert agents will contact a designated family member or friend so you may be quickly reunited with loved ones.

Whether you're looking to protect yourself, your child, or someone else you love, we can help. Learn more about MedicAlert memberships or take a moment to browse our suite of member services. Once you're a member, we have a full catalog of medical ID products (including medical alert bracelets, medical sports bands, and more) for women, men, and children to offer extra protection in case of an emergency.

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